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PPPD-329 Meguri (Megu Fujiura) ReUncensored Mosiac Removed Oppai JAV HD Xdaddy


[PPPD-329] Busty Undercover Investigation – Meguri

Meguri-chan is an Ex-delinquent who reconverts herself into a Female investigator and discovers a newfound sense of justice.

Meguri then spends her days chasing down local delinquents and scumbags. Stakes are raised as one day she’s ordered to sneak into “Chocolate corporation”, an evil candy company that is suspected of conducting human trafficking.

So, she infiltrates into the company and things initially go well, but the bosses there are not stupid as she thought. She gets captured and to being a sex-pet.

PPPD-329 is a quite remarkable Meguri video, especially the sex-scenes which are above average. The leather costume was saggy and not one of the best, and the production was a bit meh at times. But anyways, Meguri compensates and overall it’s a quite good video.

Movie Information:

ID Code: PPPD-329
Category: 1080p, JAV, HD, JAV
Tags: Big tits, Busty fetish, Creampie, Female investigator
Series: Big Tits Undercover Investigation
Actress: Meguri
Actor: Goro, Nobita
Studio Label: PPPD

Date: August 15, 2022

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